Organizing contents with sections

Learn how to use sections to quickly create content playlists

A section permits you to gather and retrieve your contents (podcasts, livestreams, audiobooks) under a same group. This is especially useful when you want to display playlists or when you want to display content categories.

To manage your sections go to Configuration and then Sections in the left menu. Here you can find all your content modules. Sections are divided into 2 groups : sections by default and custom sections.

Sections by default

3 content sections are available by default and pursue specific goals :

  • Nouveautés is about pushing all your content freshly released in a same module

  • À ne pas manquer is about contents you want to particularly promote

  • À paraître is about pushing contents trailers regarding contents that are not fully available yet

For each section you can choose to enable or disable the display in you app.

Contact us if you want to edit these types of sections or create new ones.

Custom sections

You can create/delete custom sections freely and add an image as illustration. Click on the button 'New section' in the top right corner to create a new one.

Selecting contents

When you enter a section go to the selector component at the bottom of the screen and simply drag & drop your content from the right column to the left one to add contents to your module.

You can have a same content in multiple sections