Importing contents

In this section, we explain how to import contents in StayTuned CMS to make them available on your app.

All the content you want to display in your apps has to be imported in the CMS previously. After you have signed in to your account at go to content in the left menu and select Podcast, Livestreams or Audiobook regarding the type of content you want to import.


You can automatically import a podcast by using its RSS feed. StayTuned will retrieve all the information linked to the podcast (title, images, description, episodes, etc.). Once imported you can check and edit the information as you want.

Fill in your RSS feed and verify you don't have ticked the box 'Héberger le contenu'. After having clicked on Importer the import process will start directly.

Your episodes contents will be synchronized with your hosting provider : each new episodes you upload on your hosting provider will be imported to StayTuned CMS without requiring any action

You can choose to disable the content synchronization by ticking the box "Héberger le contenu". By doing this all your contents from the RSS feed will be re-hosted in StayTuned CMS and the modification you bring on your hosting provider will not be passed to StayTuned CMS.

If you don't already have a hosting provider or if you don't want to use it to deliver contents on your app contact us to enable our hosting services.


Live streams are used for contents that are streamed in real-time, like webradios for example. To import a new live content you have to fill the stream url (for ex. http://mynewlivestream.mp3) and some information : content name, artwork, description, etc.


Audiobooks import requires to use StayTuned hosting services. You can access a SFTP to upload your audiobooks while using your ONIX data feeds to save you time by pre-filling all the metadata associated with your contents.

Contacts us to enable hosting services for audiobooks and get all the information needed to transfer your audiobook contents.